Pinnacle fund services is a fund management company that provides administration, accounting, and reporting of funds. It helps generate ROI for investors. The money handled by this fund management company is consequently invested in various securities & assets.


  • Consolidate all KPIs for a 360-degree view of the fund’s data
  • Determine Asset allocations and Asset Continuity
  • Calculate portfolio performance metrics like income and IRR
  • Analyze exits of investments from a portfolio
  • Present and Analyse Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Determine Investors’ performance KPIs

The solution they wanted to provide their clients should help them in:

  • evaluating the performance of the funds they have invested in
  • the net assets of their investments
  • their portfolio details
  • and should also provide other useful metrics for measuring the health of funds


Software used – Microsoft Power BI

  • SR Analytics created a powerful dashboarding solution for Pinnacle fund services in Microsoft Power BI
  • The dashboard was built for – speed, ease of navigation, and high-value insights.
  • All the complex data modeling, preparation, and transformations were applied in Power BI.
  • The powerful engine of Power BI was optimally leveraged for speed and performance.
  • SR analytics - Fund management company providing extensive reporting services
  • SR analytics - Fund management company providing extensive reporting services


  • The dashboarding solution solved all the business challenges. Be it insightful financial metrics or market value of assets or measuring the performance of funds, investors, or securities, all the bases were covered.
  • The dashboarding solution not only gave a bird’s eye view on funds’ performance but also comprised of 15+ detailed reports providing nitty-gritty and ground-level insights.
  • The dashboarding solution was designed in such a way that it can easily step into the shoes of any stakeholder be it Pinnacle Fund services or any investor or any security.
  • Delighted all the stakeholders by providing 20+ powerful metrics in dashboards to accurately measure the health of the funds.