Microsoft Power BI consulting services are core to what we do and close to our hearts! We simply love working on Power BI and it is the major aspect of our analytics consulting work.

It is a self-service business intelligence tool. Using this BI suite, even non-technical business users can collect, analyze, aggregate, visualize and share data. Power BI’s interactive and intriguing visuals impart life to data and makes it easy to understand.

Power BI not only helps in accessing crucial data, but it also allows you to understand, implement, and communicate the same. Both small and large organizations prefer its ease of use, advanced analytical features, and upgraded visuals.

As a Power BI consultant we can help you in the following ways:

... Increase data analysis speed and reduce stress
... Manage & optimize huge amounts of data
... Increase data collaboration and cohesiveness
... Save time, cost and resource energy

Why MS Power BI is preferred by industry leaders?

Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that produces a secure and collaborative data environment. It drives actionable insights and helps put your organization ahead of the competition.

Power BI gives any organization complete control over its data. It helps drive more valuable insights and empowers employees to meet and at-most-times, exceed their goals.

In simple terms – Microsoft Power BI can help you collate, visualize, and analyze the massive amount of data that matters to your business. You can get rid of the dull, lengthy reports and have all the necessary information ready on one page using stunning data visualizations.

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5 more reasons why businesses choose Power BI

  • Build dynamic charts and graphs and create custom dashboards in a matter of minutes
  • Bring all your data under one roof with flexible native integrations
  • Leverage the power of real-time data analysis
  • Easily control access permissions for user, data source, or even individual lines on a report
  • Create a data management plan in line with your organization with Power BI’s extensive auditing controls
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Our Power BI consulting services offer

  • Hands-on experience in implementing Power BI services via cloud or on-premise
  • Strong command over SQL, MDX, and DAX languages
  • Expertise in financial metrics and reporting from our CFA charter holders
  • Ability to understand and empathize with your business needs
  • Microsoft certified Power BI consultants

Want an enterprise BI solution implemented?

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Our “Power SIOT” implementation strategy

We firmly believe that every project needs to have a well-thought strategy and planning process. This is the most vital step and lays down the foundation of what we want to accomplish.

Without a strategy, it is like firing arrows in the dark and hoping to hit the target. Such a waste of time, energy, and resources, isn’t it?

Hence, for any Power BI project, we follow a 4 step “Power SIOT” process as below –


Step 1: Strategy

We have a successful BI implementation experience with a wide variety of data sources. Be it traditional data sources like relational databases of Oracle, SQL Server, etc. To cloud providers like Azure, Google Cloud, AWS to a number of web connectors. We have it all covered for you.

Our strategy focuses on understanding your primary sources of data and designing the best BI solution around it.


Step 2: Implementation

We have certified Power BI experts who have rich experience in implementing BI solutions for Fortune 500 clients.

Our team excels in Power BI data modeling and DAX language which places us ahead of the regional competition.


Step 3: Optimization

Our BI solutions are optimized for best performance, data accuracy, and visually stunning dashboards. We implement our knowledge of the best practices of BI development to optimize every aspect of the project.

Thanks to the years of experience working in this industry and servicing various clients for their customized Power BI consulting requirements.


Step 4: Training

We provide the end-users of your organization with optimum training and hand-holding. This ensures that your team is efficiently able to use our developed BI solution.

Data models for ad-hoc reporting or fully functional, comprehensive, industry-ready dashboards. Post-deployment Power BI content and user administration.

We got them all covered for you and your stakeholders.

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Quality & assurance of a certified Power BI Microsoft partner

We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the talk!

SR analytics is a Microsoft silver partner company and has completed more than 15,000 hours of work as a Power BI consultant.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a dedicated team of data analysts and Power BI consultants who have more than 23 years of combined domain experience.

You can visit our Microsoft partner profile here – Microsoft silver partner: SR analytics

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More reasons to choose our Power BI consulting

  • Experience and ability to understand your business & data requirements
  • Providing strategic & customized business intelligence solutions
  • Working with us means working with a Microsoft partner
  • Your project will be handled by Microsoft certified BI professionals
  • Flexibility and scalability of resources as per project needs

Why Microsoft Power BI is the real game changer

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