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Clutch recognizes SR analytics as a leading Business Strategy consultant for 2021

Business strategies drive growth and profitability to your company. It’s important to have an effective plan that will coincide with your business’s mission and vision. Metrics, possible hurdles, opportunities, and weaknesses are all taken into consideration when coming up with a game plan.

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However, not everyone has the experience and the resources needed to create an efficient business strategy; and that’s where we come in to help. Here in SR analytics, we can help you enhance business operations, boost competitive advantage, and evolve your organization.

Founded in 2020, our company is already considered a force in the business and data analytics industry. Considering our young age, it’s a true honor for us to announce that we have been proclaimed as one of the leading analytics & business strategy consulting firms.

Clutch, an established B2B review platform, recently awarded us the prestigious title. Based on their Leaders’ Matrix, our company has already climbed the number 9 spot on the top 15 business strategy & analytics consultancies in India.

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“We thank Clutch for recognizing us as a Top B2B consulting company in the Analytics and BI space. We are now even more motivated than before to continue on our mission of – enhancing SMEs with the power of data analytics and data visualization for improved decision-making.”

— Shalin Rabadia, CEO at SR analytics

“Clutch is one of the best platforms when it comes to finding genuine client reviews about businesses. We trust it and surely other companies do as well.

— Nitish Joshi, Growth Manager at SR analytics

We owe this amazing recognition to our clients; we understand that working with a relatively young company can be difficult, that’s why we truly appreciate their support and trust in us. We are also grateful for their remarkable reviews on our Clutch profile.

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