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How a Microsoft Power BI implementation partner enhances your analytics capabilities?

Are you in two minds on the need for a Power BI Microsoft partner for your organization?

We will guide you with the most important reasons why you should opt for a Power BI implementation partner.

Why choose Power BI as your business intelligence tool?

Many a time, people say they want to use Power BI because it’s easy to use. But, do you know the capabilities of Power BI do not end with gathering data and sharing it through interactive dashboards?

Power BI helps you to perform basic to complicated statistical analyses like standard deviation, correlation, normal distribution, predictive analysis, and so on so forth.

If you want to make the most out of this business intelligence tool, you should work with a Power BI implementation partner. Their guidance and knowledge will simplify complex data problems and empower you with advanced decision-making abilities. And by using Power BI optimally, you’ll have a competitive edge in the market.

When looking out for a Microsoft Power BI-partner, search for someone who has in-depth knowledge and experience of recognizing data sources, mitigating data pulling challenges from scattered sources, and organizing it into a Power BI implementation framework.

7 reasons to work with a Microsoft Power BI implementation partner

1. Track the correct KPIs

track the correct KPIs

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs decode an organization’s health. They tell if the company is proceeding towards the business goals or not. They are actionable, practical, and quantitative. In this digital era, enormous data is generated every moment, making it imperative to track KPIs on a real-time basis.

A marketing KPI report that you see in the morning might not be the same in the evening. A consultant can schedule your data refresh and help you monitor multiple metrics and KPIs in a compact and easy-to-read list.

2. Use customized and new visuals

custom and new visuals in Power BI

With Power BI, you not only get access to a host of visuals but also to industry-specific visuals. The visuals have all the features required for your organization’s growth, starting from drawing correlations to exploring deep geographical areas or designing ranked charts.

But, implementing these visuals requires a thorough understanding of the data and work experience. With some custom visuals, you can have more than one chart for the same dataset. But, for that, you’ll have to organize your data.

A Power BI implementation partner with a comprehensive knowledge of separate databases and normalization can help you draw relations between scattered datasets and present the same through the most suitable visuals.

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3. Work with DAX to simplify complex results

using DAX in Power BI

Data Analysis eXpression (DAX) is Power BI’s query language, used to build formulas and expressions. If you want to drill down into your data and find meaningful insights, you will have to use this powerful language.

Power BI consultants use complex DAX functions to transform your data and make it easier to interpret. They also use it to add new calculated columns and measures.

4. Conduct predictive analysis with Azure

predictive analysis with Azure

Imagine if you could analyze the social media users’ sentiment or get an idea about your customers’ next buying decision – how beneficial it could be!

With Power BI, you can precisely do that!

You can utilize the predictive power of advanced analytics in Power BI to generate predictive models from your existing data. Thus, helping you to take more measured risks and enhancing your profits across all domains.

But, for that, knowing Azure machine learning is vital. Here, once again, a Power BI partner can come to your aid. Once they create predictive models using Azure machine learning studio, you can visualize the machine learning algorithm’s outcomes.

5. Gain novel data insights with R

data insights with R

A favored statistical language of data analysts is R. Power BI brings that capability by integrating R into all stages of generating insights. R connectors can run R scripts directly in Power BI and load the resulting data sets into the data model.

When used in Power Query, it helps in advanced data cleansing and analysis like finding out outliers and completing missing values. Moreover, the Power BI visuals like the Time series forecasting chart have R integration.

These robust visuals are incredibly flexible and can be used for advanced analytics. Once you develop the visuals, they are as interactive and cross-filterable as any other Power BI visual, and you can share them on your reports and dashboards.

But, to utilize the full potential of this feature, knowing only Power BI is not enough! Here comes the role of a Microsoft Power BI-partner. They can help you integrate, optimize and ensure that you have access to all the latest and most required visuals.

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6. Make the most of dynamic filters

advanced dynamic filters in power bi

Power BI is known for interactive reports. Users can slice and dice the reports according to their requirements. They can use any factor in the filters starting from a geographic location to a time value or a formulated column. Even links can be used as filters, thus giving a fresh BI experience.

By optimally utilizing Power BI’s dynamic filters, you can get a new perspective from your data, which will surely enhance your decision-making. If you plan to integrate Power BI in your organization, a Power BI Microsoft consultant will be very helpful.

7. Fast track your data analysis journey

power bi Microsoft partner

With years of experience and knowledge of various tools, a Power BI implementation partner expedites your entire data analysis journey. They not only implement the tool, keeping in mind all the data security factors, but are also comfortable with the troubleshooting options when things go wrong.

They can set up your gateway and help you access your on-premise data. And help you explore the massive world of data analysis through different data connectors and sources. Most BI consulting firms guide you through Power BI’s dynamic features and help you utilize them optimally.

In short – a Power BI Microsoft certified partner would guide your team at each phase of your data analysis.

To Conclude

The features and capabilities of Microsoft Power BI are vast. So, if you really want to make the most out of it, you will need a Power BI implementation partner with domain expertise who exactly knows its ins and outs.

With a Power BI partner supporting you, the phase from implementation to insights will be much faster! And if you need instant guidance in using Power BI, contact us right away using the form below!

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