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7 advantages of partnering with a Power BI consulting company

Successful implementation of business intelligence (BI) boosts a company’s data analysis ability. It empowers better business decisions, prompt actions & improved efficiency. By partnering with the correct Power BI consulting company, you can unlock these growth potentials.

Why choose Power BI?

Power BI from Microsoft is one of the leading BI tools. Because of its numerous data analysis features, rich visualization, and integration with multiple data connectors, consultants prefer it.

At the same time, end-users love Power BI for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and robust security. This drag-and-drop BI tool consolidates data from several sources, helps consultants evaluate it, and prepare interactive dashboards. Reports can be shared with other users with a click of a button.

Benefits of using Power BI

benefits of using Power BI

Power BI helps you to extract real-time data and present it promptly in a meaningful manner. Some key business benefits are:

  • Fast-track and advanced decision making.
  • Augment business operation.
  • Escalate operational efficacy.
  • By analyzing customer behavior, it boosts customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.
  • With actionable and meaningful insights, it gives you a competitive edge.
  • Learn about business problems.
  • Connects to multiple data sources.
  • Perform advanced analytical discoveries.

7 advantages of partnering with a Power BI consulting company

Power BI consulting company

Compared to other BI tools, Power BI is easier and simpler to implement. However, to make the most out of it, it’s advisable to partner with a Power BI consulting company with specialized knowledge of the tool and data analysis.

Besides implementing BI service in your organization, some providers also provide training and support staff in making maximum use of the tool.

Advantage 1: Domain expertise

Power BI experts come with strong domain knowledge and experience working on different datasets. Thus, they can understand the businesses’ requirements and provide the best-suited BI solutions.

With their eye for details, they can structure unorganized data. And seamlessly integrate your current business environment with the databases.

Advantage 2: Advanced analytics

Power BI is a self-service BI software with a lot of similarities to Excel. So, it becomes easy for organizations to adopt Power BI without taking their staff through rigorous training. And developing simple dashboards becomes a cup of tea for a non-techie, too.

However, for critical analysis, you will need tool-specific knowledge and a data analysis background. Thus, bringing into the picture the role of a Power BI consultant.

They can bring with them the ability to make use of the advanced analytical features of Power BI. Its integration with open-source programming languages like R and Python supports consultants to present advanced business solutions such as smoothing, machine learning, deep learning, and predictive trends.

Advantage 3: Data security

Power BI offers you granular control over your data and the accessibility of reports. Its Row-level-security (RWS) allows you to control the software’s access by establishing the filters’ roles. Thus, your data is secured, and only those whom you permit have access to it.

With the “content pack” feature of Microsoft Power BI, you can control your team members’ visuals modification ability. So, no scope of any sudden mishaps! Even after publishing the report on the cloud, your database remains safe in the backend.

By partnering with a Power BI consulting company, you can leverage their knowledge of building secure and robust BI solutions for your enterprise.

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Advantage 4: Reports with latest features

Every month Microsoft releases an updated version of Power BI. And these are loaded with visuals, data models, new connectors, and features. Your data analytics team needs to be aware of implementing these new features. Thus, making sure you do not miss out on the new and improved stuff.

When you work with a Power BI consulting firm, you can make the most of these updated features. Their commitment towards staying updated & learning new things will benefit you indirectly. And they know precisely when and how these recent updates can be best utilized.

Advantage 5: Flexibility and scalability

Power BI professionals not only bring in their expertise but a vast array of other resources, which you can use to scale up. Most BI consulting companies have consultants expertized in business analytics, database development, and data modeling.

So, they ensure your data security and develop intuitive dashboards. They can also help you to import data from various sources. Now, your resources can focus more on their core skills and operations while these professionals handle the technology aspect.

Advantage 6: Customized interactive dashboards

Power BI has a host of industry-specific visuals that are innovative, intuitive, and highly customizable. Taking a step further, Microsoft has solved the global visualization problem by sharing the codes. Hence, your BI developers can write or adjust the visuals’ source codes and share the same.

By partnering with Power BI consulting company, you can revamp Power BI according to your niche. And enjoy tailor-made, industry-specific dashboards.

Advantage 7: Better data insights

In 2020, the internet had generated approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. And 95% of businesses feel the need to utilize the data for excelling. So, even if you are a start-up, you will need better data insights to grow and sustain.

A Power BI consulting company helps you collate, clean, organize and present data through impactful graphics. Thus, giving a better insight into your data. In turn, it will also help you to make more informed business decisions.

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Power BI consulting company advantage

By partnering with a Power BI consulting company, you will get a complete package. They will take care of your data collation, preparation, transformation, analysis, and presentation.

As of 2020 data, more than 200,000 customers use Microsoft Power BI, bringing in 40 petabytes of data every month. It is available in 43 languages and deployed in 40 data centers globally.

So, if you too feel the need for a Power BI solutions provider, contact us. We can guide you and your team to “implement the change.”

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