selecting the right BI consultant

How to select the right Power BI consultant?

The right Power BI consultant can add meaning to your data and make them talk through interactive dashboards. They help you see your organization’s current condition and make up-to-date decisions for your business’s future.

Would you invest in a car’s dashboard, which is just fancy-looking and non-functional? Guess not! Similarly, you should not entrust your company’s data in the hands of an incorrect Power BI consulting firm.

But, in a market where BI consultancy firms are springing like mushrooms, how to find the right partner? Let’s get down to it.

9 Tips for selecting the right Power BI consultant

For every dollar spent on analytics and BI solutions, you can expect an average ROI of 1301%.

So, it’s crucial that while selecting a Power BI professional, to check their reviews, references, track record, completed projects’ history, ease of business, etc.

1. Previous work profile

work profile of a consultant

What is the type of work that the consultant has done previously? The dashboards’ complicacy, the data source, the quality of data – check everything before you zero down on a Power BI consultant.

Reviewing the previous work gives you an idea about the type of work the company is comfortable handling.

2. Attitude towards work

work attitude

Microsoft releases new updates every month to enhance data analysis capabilities. With new features, data connectors, graphs, etc., Power BI is ever-evolving.

To stay updated and make the most of the latest technologies, a BI consultant should have the right attitude and aptitude. He/she should always be eager to unlearn and learn.

3. Competencies of the Power BI consultant


A Power BI consultant should be both qualified and experienced. His/her qualification will bring fresh analytical perspectives to your business and give you an edge.

With his experience, he can propose new BI solutions, evaluate your data more critically, and help you improvise your decisions.

Skills you should look for in a Power BI consultant:

3a. Knowledge of Power BI

Look out for the consultant’s grasp of the Power BI tool. This includes a good knowledge of the various online resources and forums. Power BI is loaded with in-built data analytics features, and it is regularly updated. To make the most of this tool, the BI consultant should be thorough with it.

3b. Industry knowledge

Knowing what is happening in and around your domain is vital. When it comes to building top-notch data visualization solutions, staying abreast of the latest happenings is crucial.

Also, having the experience of knowing when to use what is a basic and important skill.

3c. Communication skills

Good communication skill is necessary for preparing better reports and explaining your dashboards. It also saves time when you are in the initial phase of the project discussion.

3d. An eye-for-details

Recognizing the various data sources, gathering, and transforming them into meaningful reports helps you realize the problem areas. And you can control the situation before they get out of control.

3e. Good understanding of numbers

Unless the Power BI consultant sees the real story behind the numbers, he/she will not be able to describe it. So, it is imperative that the professional working with your data understands this and has the knowledge of various statistical analyses.

3f. Business interest

To develop dashboards according to your requirements, the BI analyst should take a deep interest in your business. The dashboards he/she builds will add value when they know your target audience and business proposition.

4. Client reviews

Power BI consultant client reviews

Review sites like Clutch are very helpful to get an idea about the work the Power BI consultant has done earlier. LinkedIn recommendations are also a great place to check about their profile, work, and endorsements.

It is always safer to know more about the consultant from their client’s mouth rather than their own.

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5. Data security measures

data security and a consultant

The increased number of online activities has intensified the need for data security and privacy. With significant developments in 2020 data protection legislation, we can expect 2021 to bring some more drastic changes.

In this kind of scenario, the consultant must be aware of the data security laws & security measures.

Power BI has a Row-level security configuration to protect your database. Watch the following video to get an in-depth understanding of the same

Power BI security & governance

But, your consultant should know how to configure roles and control access rights. In today’s cyber world, protecting a company’s data is of utmost priority.

6. Work integrity

work integrity

Checking work integrity is very important when you are planning to collaborate with a firm or an individual. The consultant should be honest, open to feedback, dependable, and responsible.

After all, it is not always about getting a thing done, but it is also about getting it done the right way! And this is extremely crucial when you are working with a Power BI consultant having access to sensitive data of your organization.

7. Compatibility

work compatibility

Your understanding with the BI consultant will matter at every phase of a project.  Be it whether giving access to data, explaining your target audience, your expectations, or getting a thorough understanding of the dashboard. During pressing scenarios, you will need quick insights into real-time data.

It is advisable to clarify the following before signing the contract:

  • What is their response time?
  • How much time do they take to resolve a standard issue?
  • Are they easily approachable?
  • In which time zone do they work?
  • What will be the channels of communication?
  • What are the SLAs?

8. Certified Microsoft Power BI partner

Microsoft Power BI consulting partner

Microsoft offers partnership programs to reliable and authentic consultants. One of the best sources for finding a suitable associate is Microsoft Power BI’s find a partner page. Some companies also showcase their work, which further helps you know about their projects and work quality.

When you work with a Microsoft Power BI-partner, you know that your data and reports are in safe and experienced hands.

We are a Microsoft silver partner in Power BI and you can view our profile.

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9. Budget

Finally, what’s your budget? Do the consultant’s fees match your budget? Budgeting helps to prevent unnecessary costs and non-channelized expenses.

While working with the right consultant adds enormous value, keeping track of your funds is also crucial.

To Conclude

Selecting the right Power BI consultant is as vital as choosing the right BI tool for your organization.

So, be diligent when hiring the services of a Power BI consulting company. They can make or break your company’s resources and value.

If you are on the lookout for a Power BI consulting partner, you can drop us an inquiry. We have done more than 10,000 hours of Power BI implementation work for our clients.